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NVMT Night Adapter for Optical Riflescope

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NVMT Night Adapter for Optical Riflescope
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Combined with the NVMT 1 (2x24) or NVMT 4 (1x24), the NVMT Nighttime Adapter for optical riflescopes allows the use of air soft guns with riflescopes that have only daytime capabilities to be used for nighttime shooting.  The reticle of the riflescope is perfect for aiming and the adapter comes equipped with reducing rings to affix the night vision device onto daytime riflescopes while providing the benefit of various eyepiece diameters.  To increase the brightness of an image, and range of shooting, an IR flashlight can also be affixed to the adapter.  With the help of the adapter, the night vision device is placed in front of the riflescopes eyepiece.  The reticle of the riflescope is used for aiming and the user can improve the image brightness and reach 2-3 times the shooting distance by affixing the included IR illuminator onto a Weaver rail.  This kit is intended for recreational shooting and night sport shooting under the cover of complete darkness, small game hunting and with the use of air soft guns.  This combination is intended for use with air soft guns only, and use of the kit for shooting with rifled or sooth bore weapons may cause serious injury. 

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