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Sentinel 2.5x50

SKU # 26015T
Sentinel 2.5x50

The Sentinel is an all new, late development Gen1 NV weapon sight. It is compact, lightweight and highly durable; manufacturing employs most innovative engineering approaches.

The Sentinel combines the traditional Yukon style of perfect design, ergonomics, reliability and easy and convenient use with an enhanced level of functionality.  This incredible riflescope has a high IPX4 grade of water-resistance and can be operated in extremely precipitous situations while functioning normally and without causing damage to the unit.  Extra tube protection provides durability towards the axial load when used with the majority of popular calibers, including .300, .308 or similar.  The 2 AA batteries are placed in the battery compartment vertically, thus eliminating the influence of recoil on the stability of the energy supply.  The Sentinel has two scales, a horizontal scale to measure the distance to a target and a vertical scale that facilitates adjustment when shooting at different distances.  Initially, the riflescope should be sighted at 50 m on the central crosshair; the distance is determined by putting a target with a known width (0.5 m) between the >..< marks.  If the target fits between the marks, the user should make the vertical adjustment according to the mark.  So, the user can make adjustments when shooting at distances of 15, 25, 50 and 100 m.  It is advisable to change the color of the reticle, depending on the surrounding conditions.  Red is best when used in clear viewing conditions, green is preferable for use when viewing is obscured and the color can be changed by the simple push of a button.


Built-in IR illuminator
The built-in IR illuminator makes it possible to use the riflescope in utter darkness. The IR has the function of focusing the light flux, ranging from narrow directed to dispersed.
Internal focusing of the objective
The image focusing mechanism (from 2 m. up to infinity) with fixation of the focus ring knob at the mark 100m, provides clear image at any distances (including short) within the riflescope's working range
Low battery indicator
Double function LED indicator. Green light when the battery is full. As the battery runs down, the power indicator changes its color from green to red. This means that the riflescope will still be functioning for about half an hour before the battery is completely empty.
Remote Control
Along with standard functions, the remote control has a quick start-up function. This is very convenient when constant observation is not conducted in order to find the appropriate position, take aim and shoot.
Power Supply
A stabilized power supply ensures up to 70 hours of full operation. This prevents reticle shift, change of its brightness even when the battery is nearly empty.
Weaver 7/8 Rail
The riflescope has an extra 7/8 Weaver rail placed on the left side of the body and is designed for mounting accessories (IR illuminator, directional microphone and laser pointer).
Objective Cap
A soft rubber cap is permanently fixed on the riflescopes housing to secure it from being lost. When using the riflescope, there is no need to remove the cap, it can simply be placed on the riflescopes body in the most suitable position.
Mount Possibilities
The Sentinel can be supplied with one of the five types of mounts, including Weaver mount (Weaver-Auto, Weaver-Long), AK Side Mount, "Los" mount (for Russian rifles), Prism 14/200 mount.
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